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China - Yunnan
Glorious Yunnan

Tour Overview

Yunnan province, in the far south west of China, is an area of rich geographical diversity: mountainous peaks, river valleys, and a vast array of species of flora and fauna. Around 34% of the local population is made up of 25 different minority communities including Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Dai and Miao.

Taking in high altitude climbs, swift descents and a varied terrain, the redspokes south west China cycling tour begins in Shangri-la (formerly Zhongdian, also known by its Tibetan name Gyalthang).  Despite a serious fire in 2014 and modern reconstruction, traditional character remains in the old town where you can wander along cobbled lanes and see the world’s biggest prayer wheel Zhùangjīn Tǒng.

From Shangri-la we cycle through to limestone plateaus and white water terraces at Bai Shiu Tai, then on to the dramatic scenery of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. We have day to enjoy the legendary Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest ravines in the world cycling to the mouth of the ravine, site of the famed tiger leaping boulder and take a ferry across the Yangtse. Riding on we cycle the slopes of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain before we enjoy a rest day in historic Lijiang; a world heritage town.  From Lijiang we cycle on with a scenic downhill ride to Shaxi; renowned trading point on the ancient Tea Horse Road dating back to the Tang dynasty. Following the Tea Horse route our cycling adventure ends at the walled city of Dali, capital of the autonomous Bai prefecture. Traditional houses and ancient temples sit on the shores of Erhai Lake with spectacular views of the Cangshan Mountain Range.

13 days from
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Average Temperature and Average Rain Chart for our Yunnan in China cycling holiday

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Key details of our Cycling holiday in China:

Tour Features

  • Shangri-la: Zhùangjīn Tǒng  prayer wheel.
  • Baishuitui White water terraces: moutain springs.
  • Minority culture:Yi, Bai, Zhuang, Dai, Naxi, Miao.
  • Lijiang: cobbled streets, ancient waterways. 
  • Tiger leaping gorge: dramatic river valley.
  • Ancient Tea Horse route: 'Silk Road of S W China'.
Cycle Holiday Tour Difficulty: 8/10 - Difficult

Ride Difficulty
8/10 - Difficult

Average Daily Distance: 68km / 42miles

Avg. Daily Distance
68km / 42miles

Number of Cycle Days: 9

Number of Cycle Days
9 days

Maximum Altitude: 3,696m / 12,127ft

Max Altitude
3,696m / 12,127ft

Example route for this China cycling holiday

This map is for illustration purposes only and may not show the exact route taken on this China tour.