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Scotland - The Remote Highlands

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The north west of Scotland is one of the last great scenic cycling secrets of Europe. It is a vast wilderness of extraordinary mountains set in ancient rock and moorland. On our Scotland cycling holiday you will encounter narrow roads winding through beautiful heather clad hills, high sea cliffs and waterfalls.

Our 7 day Scotland tour starts in Inverness. A short transfer take us to Ardgay; from here we cycle away through wooded rugged scenery and towards west coast, Achultibuie. Traditional ways of life are retained in the crofting and fishing villages that lie along the shores of the sea lochs. The view over the sea to the Summer Isles, is the perfect end to your first day's cycling. We then bicycle north through the rich farmland to the precipitous sea cliffs of Cape Wrath. You will marvel at the sheer magnificence of the scenery, heather clad moorland bristling with wildlife, picturesque lochs and rivers teeming with fish. The rugged grandeur of mountains rising up from glens gouged during the last ice-age is a great natural wonder. Coming full circel we cycle back to Ardgay passing on our way the Falls of Shin: the best place in Scotland to see wild Atlantic salmon in their natural habitat.

Beaches, mountain passes, green valleys, lochs and fast flowing rivers. Scotland has them all.

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