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Viva Colombia
Colombia a cyclists paradise


Colombia is fast becoming one of redspokes’ most popular destinations. Beautiful scenery, challenging hills and the Colombian passion for cycling make for an unparalleled mountain biking adventure.

Viva Colombia is a rural journey through Colombia’s coffee district, cycling high mountain passes, engaging with traditional lifestyles and culture with many opportunities to enjoy local wildlife and wonderful natural surroundings.

Our tour begins in Pereira, the capital of Risaralda region and the economic hub of the cultural coffee district. Our mountainous route takes us through agricultural regions and small typically Colombian hill towns. We enjoy a rest day in Santa Rosa where we can indulge ourselves with relaxing soak in the towns scenic hot springs or take tour of a coffee farm. We cycle on through more traditional towns, farmland and Andean forest to reach Jardin and then Jerico, regarded as Antioquia’s ‘most beautiful town’. We continue on through Antioquia passing through ‘sky high’ Versalles to reach El Carmen de Viboral a village renowned for its hand-crafted ceramics. We continue to El Peñol, one of the highlights of the region; an extraordinary ancient inselberg that can be seen for miles around. You can ascend all 700 steps for a bird’s eye view of your picturesque surroundings. We end with a final day’s cycling to Medellin, Colombia’s ‘City Of Eternal Spring'.

14 days from
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Average Temperature and Average Rain Chart For Colombia

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Tour Features

  • Risaralda region: the coffee cultural landscape
  • Santa Rosa: natural hot springs
  • Jerico: Antioquia’s ‘most beautiful town’
  • El Carmen de Viboral: unique artisan ceramics village
  • El Peñol: 10 million-ton, scalable monolithic monument
  • Medellin: ‘the city of eternal spring’
Tour Difficulty: 7/10 - Challenging

7/10 - Challenging

Average Daily Distance: 80km / 50miles

Avg. Daily Distance
80km / 50miles

Number of Cycle Days: 14

Number of Cycle Days
14 days

Maximum Altitude: 2,750m / 9,010ft

Max Altitude
2,750m / 9,010ft

Example route for this Colombia cycling holiday

This map is for illustration purposes only and may not show the exact route taken on this tour.